Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Arrival in Churchill

View coming into town.

Here's the train that brought me 1,000 miles north.


Tobin said...

Hi Ms Dean,

It looks as if you disembarked in outer Serbia. My US History students and I are following your adventures from the comfort of our classroom in beautiful Fresno California.

Loves ya,

Ms Tobin Dean

deb said...

Your pictures bring back memories. I lived on the opposite side of the Hudson Bay as a child. I look forward to your observations and reflections.

NYC teacher

Kim said...

Hi Jana, what an adventure so far! As a high school science teacher I look forward to reading about your surveys, analyses, etc and sharing the methodologies with my classes. Your blogs and photos are printed and posted prominently in my classroom for all to see....

Lakes HS
Lakewood, WA