Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Dear Students: Chicago Layover

I'm not in the Arctic yet, but this may be my last chance for internet access until I get to Churchill, and I wanted you to have a message from me when you got to school on Monday. I'm in Chicago and in an hour or so I board a plan for Winnipeg where the temperature is -31 degrees F. So far the only wildlife I have seen is a tiny bird flying INSIDE the Chicago Airport. I wonder if it overwinters in the airport instead of flying south.

Post me your wonderings about the arctic and climate change and I'll reply as soon as I can.


Ms. Dean


Bob said...

Ms. Dean,
We would like you to comment on your impressions of Churchill. We are particulary interested in your first impression of the enviroment; the smell, the color, the feeling, as you step off the train. Please contrast it with your home in Tumwater.
Thank you,
Mr. Garrett's Homeroom

Marty Manley said...

Hi traveler,
Welcome to your new life! My class of 9,10,and 11 year olds await pics and you.
Be safe,

student_1 said...

Hi Ms. Dean, this is period 4. We are wishing you the best and hope you have fun. Please let us now all that you can. We are very anxious for your news and return. Stay safe!

Period 4

Katy Carter said...

Hey, Jana!
We read your posting from yesterday, and today we are working on our own graphing activity (which I hope will start to generate some questions). I am very excited for you -- can't wait to hear details. Keep warm!!!
"Mrs. Carter"

Katy Carter said...

Here are my class's questions:
1) In your opinion, can we reverse the damage we have caused to the Arctic?
2) What is the best way for middle school students to prevent global warming?
3) How long did it take you to get acclimated to your new environment?
4) How much ice is measured per day?
5) How many layers of clothes do you have to wear to keep warm?
6) (From Mrs. Carter: Do you get to build an igloo?)

Looking forward to your responses.

Marty Manley said...

We have a few thoughts and questions for you.
We wonder if we can stop global warming and what could happen if we don't stop global warming?

Nolan wonders what the main cause of global warming is.

What types of tools and machines are you going to use? Are they going to be bio-diesel?

Happy Valentine's Day,
Marty's Class

lynn martin said...

So good to hear from you. You are painting a great picture with your words - not only can I mentally see the sights but I can feel the cold.
Questions to follow. In the mean time, do stay safe!

Voyager MS said...

Dear Ms. Dean,

Thanks for giving us this opportunity! My students have some general questions to get started -

Why did you chose to go on this specific trip?

What is the food like?

Are you afraid of freezing to death?

Thanks again,

Ms. Dahl
Everett, WA