Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Dear Students: Getting Used to the Arctic

Many of you asked me about whether I was afraid of the cold. Some of you thought a bit further and wondered how long it would take to get used to it. You know you have become acclimatized to the Arctic when you decide to go outside for a run in just two layers of wool when it's still 18 degrees F below freezing. Our lead scientist declared today balmy. He's very acclimated. Ordinarily, it's much much colder, and really this warm weather is only foretelling a storm front that is supposed to bring a blizzard tomorrow. The weather service predicts wind chill of -45 C. Don't worry. I still have the big red parka.


michi said...

Hey Jana, what's it like running on that snow? We'll miss you tomorrow!

Tammy said...


Hello! I tried blogging before...let me see if it recognizes now.

You didn't need to go that far for the "balmy" weather you are getting. Talked to my mom in Wis. last week; they had a stretch of the same weather, -28, -36 with wind chill.

I remember those days...I didn't have goggles; that would have helped keeping the eyelashes from freezing.

I bet it is a bright, crisp wonderland.

Stay warm!Learn lots; blow us away when you get back.


Meg said...

Jana, Can you share some Inuit words? Meg

Hawaiian surfer dude said...

What is your fave. and least fave. thing about the Arctic...?? 1st Period...BTW ( by the way) we have 2 log into Luke L's Acount so its not Luke Who is writing 2 u!

Dane said...

Hi! Period three misses you! Mrs. Prouse is in labor right now! Daniel wants to know if the food's good? Have you seen any polar bears? Mr. Hyke(our sub) has been hanging from the ceiling upside down with his hands tied behind his back with duct tape on his mouth for three days...JK! Everyone has been doing a good job with their homework. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your blog, we appreciate it!
-period three

Judy said...

Hi Jana!

Boy does Churchill look different in the winter than it did when I was there this summer. I was disappointed that the teleconference could not take place. My students were looking forward to it and we are on school vacation next week. However, I will be participating in the teleconference from home. Say hi to Pete for me.

Period_4 said...

Period 4 says hello! Dani is asking if you dump water out of a cup, will it freeze immedietley and crash on the ground? Bagel wants to know if when you urinate outside, does it freeze? Everyone else misses you and are excited for all the news when you return! Josh says hi!

Missing you,

Period 4!!!!! (your favorite)

Faith said...

Hi Jana-
You DO look more acclimated-- Your shoulders aren't quite so hunched. So much blue sky. Any birds? Any insects?
bets, Faith

Roxane in Olympia said...

Hi Jana, How about auroras? Have you seen any yet? If so, can you describe them? Inquiring minds in rainy Olympia want to know...